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Plaza Mariana is located opposite Alejo Peralta y Diaz Ceballos Industrial City in Jocotitlan, State of Mexico.

The mall opened September 5, 1998, with the aim of contributing to the family economy of IUSA employees and inhabitants of surrounding areas.

The mall receives 360,000 persons a year, who can acquire different products in its various divisions.

Plaza Mariana is made up by different departments, including:


A place for all kinds of basic supplies, groceries, deli foods, wines and spirits, soft drinks, cleaning supplies, etc.

Department store

The store has 1000 m2 of retail floor space, where our people can find a wide assortment of electronic equipment, domestic appliances, living room and bedroom furniture, toys, stationery, miscellanea, clothing, sport goods, and glassware, among other goods.


IUSA Stand

Area reserved for IUSA products, hardware, paints, lubricants, construction materials, floors and coatings, etc.

Drug Store

Our people can find, in addition to a variety of medicines, toiletries, infant formula, and cell phone products of the leading brands.

Shoe Store

The store will offer leading brands of shoes, sneakers, sandals, and boots for the whole family, at the best prices in the region.


Fast Food Court

Our people can enjoy a wide variety of sandwiches, burgers, and Mexican snacks. There will also be locales serving typical regional fare.


Movie Theaters

Plaza Mariana has four movie theaters, with state-of-the-art projection and sound systems, where families can enjoy the finest Mexican and foreign releases, exactly as shown in the major theater chains but at a very low cost.

Candy Shop

Here shoppers can enjoy tasty nachos or classic popcorn and, of course, sweets and sodas, all at the best prices in the country.


Other services

To best meet our people’s needs, at Plaza Mariana we strive to give them excellent service all the time, including banking services and 24-hour networked ATMs, as well as a space devoted to Internet services, provided by the company Emilios.

At this mall, all members of the IUSA family can shop using our credit system, with either short-term or long-term payments and with the market’s lowest interest rates, which are well below the rates offered by the leading credit retail chains.

At Plaza Mariana, on presenting their employee identification, Grupo IUSA employees receive a special discount on either credit or cash purchases.